Sunday, September 16, 2007

Finally Fall!

Well, technically in a week. But we were cool enough this morning to wear sweaters and long pants. yes! Gillen and Nicolas went fishing. Jesse, Tuki and I went for a walk. I brought my camera to take pictures of Tuki and Jesse and Jesse managed to take the camera to catch a rare non-goofy one of me (and so it looks so goofy to me, so posed).

Jesse transplanted some flowers into a ditch and later in the walk found a green acorn, so planted an Oak. I found my first turning leaf of the season.


Kaat said...

Ah, there you are!
It's getting colder here too. I love fall in New England: the colors, the sound of the dry leaves shifting around. Still, we went to Walden pond the other day and it was warm enough for us to wade in the water. Amie still talks about making clouds in the water. Soon these in-between days will be gone and it will be snowing... Does it snow where you live?
Katrien at

kelli said...

Yay! I'm glad you are getting cooler weather now. We came home from the conference to an inside temp of 60 degrees! brrrr.. and we've had frost warnings??? Yet, it was 79 the other afternoon. I know I've probably seen the last of that though ;)

miss you guys!

Madeline said...

No it doesn't snow here. I wish it did, just a little. My kids would love it. There have been frost warnigns already in MN? Wow. TIme to move. : )

Cami said...

Great to see a photo of you, you're lovely! Fall is here for us, although we're still managing a few warm days and trying to make the most of them.