Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Last year we hosted a Halloween party and made gingerbread houses, creepy foods, decorations, handmade lamps and pumpkins. This year, since we are happily going to a friend's party, we almost forgot to even carve pumpkins and only settled on costumes yesterday.

Now that we've all submerged our hands in the pumpkins and roasted the seeds, we are thoroughly back in the Halloween groove. Bwa ha ha!!!

Not much compares with Halloween.


Bhu said...

fun! you know what the kids might think is cool? have them hold the pumpkins and move them around in different shapes the dark (inside or out) while you take photos with a long exposure. by the way, gillen, your hair looks awesome! love bhu

Vicki said...

You almost forgot pumpkins? Thanks for reminding! I completely spaced it. Probably because they were too heavy to haul in my bike basket!

Gillen, I agree with bhu, awesome hair! Vicki

Blogging Molly said...

We didn't even do pumpkins this year. The kids didn't ask til yesterday, but no one was really feeling the spirit. Perhaps candy will get us in the mood.

persephone said...

Chopper and I were in the same boat this year, had a wedding on saturday and just didn't get costumes together. We carved pumpkins yesterday and gave out candy, and I've decided i want to wake up on Holloween and put on a costume automatically, every year, and just feel it, be in it for that 1 day a year we are allowed

Madeline said...

Persephone, I hope I get to be with you one Halloween, in costume for the day! When are you going to get a blog?