Saturday, January 26, 2008

Back in Georgia

We are home. The three flights to get here took 24 hours. We only slept a total of about four hours each.
There were just too many good movies to watch! But we made it up today, sleeping from 11pm last night until 2pm today (all four of us). This is not how I imagined jet-lag hitting. Lots of sleep? It sure never happened that way in the past. I'll take it.

It was good to see Tuki and Fracas. Tuki followed me around all day while I unpacked. She even convinced me to go for a walk in the cold. It actually wasn't as bleak and miserable as I expected, until right now. As I write this, my hands are too stiff with cold to move properly and my legs are falling asleep due to being all knotted up to stay warm.

In denial about it being winter, Nicolas spent the first part of today in "thongs"(what they call flip-flops in Australia :)
Rosalinafini and Rusty were bitterly cold from their long journey in the planes' luggage shafts. Jesse bundled them up and insisted that we make a fire, right away. I was glad for that.
We're doing better, today anyway, than I expected. After tearfully hugging Kenneth, Naomi and Zoe goodbye we had a very silent hour-long taxi ride to the airport. It will be a long time before we see these three again. Last night, I heard Zoe cooing from the other room. It was, of course, not her; just Jesse, talking to his dinosaurs in his bath.

Gillen traded his recent Boogie Board passion for his old standby, the BB-Gun. He spent the day reconnecting with his hunting friend Aaron. They threw boomerangs for the first time, tried out Gillen's new bow and arrow and hunted squirrels (don't worry, only in the woods, and the squirrels always win).

Jesse stayed in his footed pajamas all day, returned to his Game Cube joy, talked to his friend Logan for a long time on the phone, and made tools out of cardboard for the snow he hopes will appear tomorrow.

While travel does broaden our minds, and I truly saw the expansion (especially for Jesse) while we were away, what is familiar and routine can easily draw us in. I was very thankful that my mother in law had made us soup (with six more containers of different soups in the freezer!)and that she had warmed up our house. Our friends who house-sat kept it so clean.

Sigh. If only it weren't this cold.

I'll be posting more of Australia here in the next few days - that should help thaw me out.


Pam Genant said...

Welcome home. Loved the picture of your trip.

Tamar Orvell said...

Welcome back to this neck of the woods that I am leaving this Friday to return to Israel for several months. Then it will be YOUR turn to feel left behind... as though cyberspace has a behind or a forward! As for re-entry to the cold here, drink lots of hot liquids and layer up. Indoor hats, included. Even looking at flip-flops is ill advised;-)

Madeline said...

Hi Pam and Tamar. Our last plane, from L.A., was on its way to Israel. I thought of you and wondered when you were going. I look forward to reading about your time there on your blog!

Rachel said...

Welcome home! I loved reading all about your trip, seeing your gorgeous photographs, and thinking about you on the other side of the world. You obviously had an amazing time. I'm sure it's quite an adjustment being back, but I am happy that you are home, returning to those familiar things, and I can't wait to hear more from you about life in Georgia.

Alecto said...

Welcome home!

Danielle said...

Welcome back! Looking forward to hearing about the mundane for a while. Too many romantic images and stories—I was starting to feel like a country mouse. ;)

Oh, and we call them "flip flops" in Pennsylvania, too.