Sunday, January 06, 2008

A second Sydney Sunday

This Sunday, we helped to host some of Kenneth and Naomi's friends at a park down the street from their house. I contributed egg salad and toll house cookies for some good American fare. There were sweet and spunky small children, a big ultimate Frisbee game, a baseball game, and good wine brought by their Austrian friend (who it turns out knows Nicolas' Austrian uncles!) Kenneth bought a new camera yesterday so took many pictures. There are even some good ones of the kids and I together that I will eventually get on here. Of course, I mostly had eyes for Zoe:

I can share a picture I finally got of the beautiful Aussie Lorikeets:
I am hoping to have many more bird pictures soon as we are going to the Blue Mountains for four nights to explore the Eucalyptus Forests, deep caves and long trails, where we'll hopefully see a Koala or two as well as birds. I am actually looking forward to some cool mountain air. It's hot tonight; though I am notcomplaining. I have learned that Australians, as a rule, don't "whinge" (whine) and are good about getting on with it. "No Worries" is a big Aussie expression. I have decided that I will adopt this attitude as my one resolution for 2008. Because really, what the hell do I ever have to whinge about (except maybe my childrens'occassional whingeing).

We have to rent a car to get to the small solar powered house we are renting in the mountains. Nicolas will be driving, on the left side of the road, up the mountain. I will be looking out the windows for birds and Koalas and will not be right side passenger seat driving or fearing or whinging. Bring on the next adventure!


mindy said...

I love the "no whinging" policy!!!! I think I'll add that to my "no gossiping" resolution for this wonderful new year. Happy Happy Birthday to Nicolas! I hope we can celebrate together when you guys are back in the northern hemisphere.
Love to all!

Schuyler said...

I love the word whinge. I use it like an ex-pat now. I love the image of a squeaky hinge that I always get when I think about whinging.

Madeline said...

YES! Isn't it a great sounding word - i forget what that is called when a word sounds like it's meaning.... onimotopeia? Am I way off here? I am not able to blog as I am at an internet cafe in the Blue Mountains and pay by the minute. But it's good to check in and hear from you guys.

persephone said...

ohh it all sounds so great! I loved hearing about jesse's "Fight to the Finish" game (great name) and Gillen looks like a true surfer (here in the Northeast they've yet to catch on that short is in) Thought about you this w/e... Sally Fallon spoke at my school, it was great! And after learning about raw, and macrobiotic diets (never mind veg and vegan) all students seem thoroughly confused, but how nice to understand bio-individuality! Happy Birthday to Nicholas (Nico)!! (Chopper turned 30 on January 2nd, I thought those two had similar dispositions).

PS: thank you for the hair accessories, they make me feel very special

Bhu said...

your photos of zoë are exquisite. beautiful capture. i miss you guys. xo