Saturday, January 12, 2008

Buzzing in paradise

Since putting it out to the universe that I want to move here, a conspiracy has formed to damper my enthusiasm. I don't know who the ring leader is but they have some talented mercenaries working for them. Last night, the heat, a mosquito and a Kukaburra kept me awake until it was light out. Seriously. Buzzing in my ear is the way to torture me to death (I hope no one reading ever has reason to use this knowledge). I tried sleeping under a pillow, under a sheet, turning on the light and hunting it down...the most talented mosquito I have ever come across. How do I know it was a conspiracy? Nicolas - not bothered at all, until the Kukaburra started laughing at dawn.

By the way, this was venting, not whingeing. I'm good now.

Hopefully time for zoo pictures later.

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