Saturday, January 12, 2008

Featherdale Wildlife Park

Frilled Necked Lizard
Sleeping Koala. That's what they do, 20 of every 24 hours.
Wombat butts
Tasmanian Devil - who raced in circles around his shelter, non-stop. Way less ferocious than the cartoons.
Kookaburra - not laughing very hard
Being tickled by a Koala's Eucalyptis leaf. His fur was surprisingly soft.

We saw some beautiful birds and lizards in the wild (many bird pictures coming some other post) but had to find all other Australian animals in captivity at a wildlife park. Jesse got to see the venomous Taipan snake, which was very exciting for him. GIllen saw all kinds of birds that we never would have seen in the wild and we were all excited about getting to touch kangaroos and koalas. There was a sign that was interesting - it stated how proud the zoo keepers were of their park and that they hoped we visitors would treat the inmates well. At least it's an honest depiction. Some of the roos, the Kookaburra and the Dingo looked awfully spiritless. But it was clean and they had a lot of room.

This was the fast ferry that made up the most stylish section of our trip back to Sydney.


Stacey said...

your trip has been fun to follow through the past entries. I've always wanted to see a koala in person.

mindy said...

I LOVE the very cool! You are definitely making the most of this most amazing trip. We'll be needing more details of Jesse's ongoing game. And who'd of thunk he wouldn't want to be a dentist! Now psychologist...that has possibilities. They tend to be very handsome :)
Loving your posts and enjoying your vacation via cyberspace!

Stephanie S. said...

I'm loving these peeks, too.
I'm starting to fee a little weepy, though, for warm, sunshiney days.
Soon enough, I guess.

Didn't I just say last week that I was enjoying the break from gardening???
Steph in a snowy SLC

Jessica said...

We just keep coming here to this site so we can hear Declan go, "AWWWW." Koala's are currently his favorite~he made a koala ATC that he carries in his pocket.

Thanks again~

Madeline said...

Thanks for visiting. I am sorry Stephanie about the sun and sand. It feels wrong to talk about it. But snow is good too!

Jessica, it makes me so glad that i can give Declan an ahhh moment here. I love that boy!

Mindy, I am sure that J got the psychologist idea from that charismatic one in your house!