Monday, January 28, 2008

Jet LAGging and blog reading

On a rainy morning in Sydney last week (the only rainy one of the trip)I found that wonderful Kelli had passed along the following award in a comment to me. How excellent! In looking at her list of blogs that she included in this group I discovered an unschooling family that are blogging about a long stay in France. It was so cool (and surreal) to be reading about their French adventures while we were having our own in Sydney. I hope that someone out there discovers a new blog from my list. Whoever chooses to accept the award then needs to nominate ten other blogs.

Here are some of the excellent blogs I most regularly read:

Plus the first five I started going to in the beginning that are listed on the side. So many more,Alecto and Kimba... so little sleep, so using jet lag as an excuse to stop now. With Sage Reader, it is really very quick to catch up on many.

That freaky looong sleep that we experienced on the first night back after barely sleeping on the flights home? No longer the case. The 17 hour time difference has been making itself felt ever since. Fortunately, the kids are doing OK. They are getting to sleep by 11pm or midnight and are sleeping straight through. Nicolas was OK until last night, the night before his first day back farming. He was up until 5am reading "The Count of Monte Cristo" in french. I was sure that would knock him out.

I have been up successively later every night - last night until 6am, and then I never really reached deep sleep before getting up at 10am. I love having all that quiet time in which to read. I read "Gluten Free Girl" - the book, not her web site. It is a memoir about how she discovered that she was a celiac (I'm wheat sensitive) and is mostly a love story about the bliss that is wrought forth by real food - from the blackberries that are in season in Seattle to the rare olive oils that she has discovered in chef warehouses. If I'd had any food left in my kitchen, I would have spent those quiet wee hours of the morning cooking her curry carrot soup or flourless chocolate torte... I am going to brave a jet lagged drive to the bank and the grocery store now, leaving my children safe and sound at the farm. When I return, we'll stay awake by baking some sort of luscious chocolate creation.


karl said...

the first two are already pored over but i appreciate the new fodder.

diana(hahamommy) said...

I've felt guilty for wishing you home quickly while you were away... I'm glad you had a splendid vacation! I'm really glad you're home ♥
Our acupuncturist has recommended I go without dairy for a while. Give my body a break from the constant allergic reaction. I miss dairy. I'm glad I was grateful when I had it. Now I know how special those *Madeline Friendly* cakes are to you :) Tonight I'm making dairy-free snickerdoodles daggummit. And when you come out, I shall find something marvelous to fit you, too :D

Madeline said...

karl! I appreciate remembering to visit you. i love your blog and I need to add it to my daily reads, immediately. You're the man!

Diana, I am so sorry about the milk. Have you tried raw milk instead? That works for lots of lactose intolerant people.

In Sydney I wanted to make your grandmother's apple cake so badly but was convinced to do toll house cookies instead. I'll be trying it here at home. No baking happened today - jet lag kept me home after all. But lots in my future. Wish I were coming there!

Sara said...

Thanks! I can't wait to look through the blogs you posted. I'll add a list to my site later this week.