Saturday, January 05, 2008

Bronte and Bondi Beaches, and the journey in between

Nicolas, Gillen, Jesse and I stayed for two nights at an apartment that Kenneth and Naomi had sublet this week, so that we could be close to the beach (and it was good to give Kenneth, Naomi and Zoe some room for a few days). There was no wireless so I am behind in the blogging. They were full days and now there is too much to say.

First of all, today (in the U.S.) and yesterday in Aussie time, Nicolas turned 40. This was his first birthday ever in summer. Not a bad place to turn 40, especially with Kenneth and Naomi's generosity. They rented a boat for a few hours and we spent the afternoon exploring the harbor and its beaches, with Moet champagne, chicken, prawns and a Sacher Torte. I gave him some good sunglasses. I somehow lost the other big, bug-eyed, not my favorite in the world pair (not on purpose, really). He's looking good, eh? I'm glad that he has finally joined the 40's with me. Now he can know the joy.
And might as well get my Zoe moment in, right away. Here she is sleeping in her mother's arms in a tent at the beach.
We were based at beautiful Bronte Beach, on the east side of Sydney. The beach was technically closed, due to dangerous currents, but that didn't stop the lifeguards from setting up and we all followed the natives into the water. We did witness a lifeguard jet-skiing out to a surfer who was in trouble. Gillen kept his "surfing" closer to shore.

Jesse eventually got over his fear of a tsunami (Magic Tree House Book #28 - don't read it)and he continued playing his "Fight to the Finish" game (Jesse created) on the beach, in the water and in holes he dug in the sand (to bury American quarters - part of his spy epic).

If you look really closely to the right, you'll see me, in my red "cossie" (Aussie word for bathing suit) and my new hip straw hat, looking not quite as hip as I'd thought, in the surf.

Gillen's long-haired surfer look, finally making sense. Ironically, the real surfer dudes now have closely shaved heads.
There is an amazing cliff walk between Bronte and Bondi beaches. Any tiny dots you may see in these pictures, out at sea, are brave (maybe insane) surfers.

This last one shows the beginning of the cliff walk, as seen from Bronte Beach. My calves are remembering the walk, right now.


Alecto said...

THAT is some fine looking surf. Glad you all are staying within range. Nice hat!

helenw said...

Happy birthday Nicholas! And Zoe is so sweet - looks like you are having a great time! We are freezing here.

diana(hahamommy) said...

Happy Birthday to my Favorite Farmer! :) Last night I dreamed I was speaking French, fluently and confidently. Scotty and Hayden were with me. Gordon Ramsay was there, and so were the two of you. I liked the view of a *possible future* me :) So I'm taking up French now...

Madeline said...

I'm sorry you're freezing helen. I am sending you very warm thoughts at least, right now. As Neil Finn sings, i'll try to take the weather with me when we return. I am actually too hot at the moment.

Diana, I so hope that that dream comes true, as we are all together in it. I am going to relearn French this year using Rosetta Stone. Really good program. Nicolas dit "merci pour les bons veoux"

Alecto, I saw the climbers on the bridge. OMG! You did that on no sleep? Truly amazing.

Danielle said...

Moi aussi—the French thing that is. Hanging out with Nicolas does that, huh?

Nicolas: Bonne anniversaire! Je suis tres reconaissante de vous connaitre.

(and I'm sure I got some part of the grammar messed up there, and don't even get me going on tenses!)