Wednesday, January 30, 2008

For the Love of Zoe...

-I quoted annoying Tom Chapin music on my blog and then had it in my head for 24 hours. We sang "we're going to the zoo" to her on our way there and it had made her laugh, so I lost sight of the fact that I truly don't like that song.

-My brother Kenneth, her father, often sings "One" (from "A Chorus Line"), "Tomorrow" (from "Annie") and even The Carpenters' "Close to You" while dancing with her around the room. I remember singing all of "The Sound of Music" to Gillen. My mother often sang "Just you Wait, Henry Higgins" (from "My Fair Lady") and "Open a New Window" (from "Mame") to us, even when we were in high school. : / I guess it is hereditary.

-Nicolas and Jesse were reduced to babbling, smiling idiots.

-Her mother, Naomi, lay still for ten weeks, staring at an ultrasound picture of her for inspiration, to help her develop fully. It worked. Now she frequently, un-whingeingly sacrifices warm food, continuous sleep and time to herself.

-My "cool" ten year old's favorite part of the day in Sydney was giving her a massage and/or reading her a book.

-I would run over hot coals and swim with sharks to get to smell the top of her head.

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mindy said...

I LOVE that picture of you holding Zoe! Ooohhh...that sweet, top of the head baby smell...lovely!