Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Farm Photos

It was a beautiful overcast morning at the farm. After Nicolas persuaded Jesse that there was indeed fun and opportunity to be had in the barn, I took my camera (and dinner plans) to the okra field.
Isn't it majestic?
Today, I was really aware of the contrast between young and old, and of transition. There were plants waiting to be pulled and sent to their final resting place on the compost. And I was lucky to get to witness this fading butterfly, probably on its last day here, sipping the final sweetness from some of the older Zinnias.Signs of new life:
new bounty:
The next generation :We were there longer than usual and despite some challenging moments - Gillen getting stuck in a bucket:Jesse being surrounded by (but thankfully not bitten by) many yellow jackets:we had a really good farm day.


Angie said...

That picture of Jesse eating the pepper is so cute.

Did I just read over at Danielle's that you are going to Italy?? Wow - I'm so jealous - but you all are so deserving!

Madeline said...

Yes. We are going to the Slow Food convivium as delegates. I still can't believe it. I guess I should blog about it. But I am afraid of jinxing it, and I don't feel worthy. I'll get over it and blog about it soon.

jfrancis said...

to the earth,
the late okra.

Danielle said...

Well, I don't know about you, but Nicolas sure is worthy. ;-p~~`

Lucky ducks.

Madeline said...

Exactly! That is my point. He is worthy and I am lucky. I will say that I am a better note taker and talker so I'll come home with all of it to hand over to you (though you probably know most of the big corporate bad news already). I'll bring you some good Italian something or other.

You (and Angie) are so worthy and could go next time - in two years. You are perfect. I'll nominate you!

Vicki said...

Good thing he didn't get stung. I got stung almost two weeks ago and it's just now all cleared up. My leg swelled up to the size of a baseball and was the brightest purple you could imagine. For days I'd have shooting pains where I got stung and it was so itchy i felt like it wouldn't go away unless I scratched my entire leg off. It was NOT fun!