Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The World's Longest Yard Sale

This past weekend, the kids and I went to Mindy's and got to experience a piece of the world's longest yard sale. I got so many of the things that I have wanted to get for years. Truly. Well, maybe I didn't know how much I needed a pink tea cup but I have been craving blue glass and everything else on this list:

-blue bottles with wonderful old embossed trade names
-hand sewn quilts - I got two double bed sized for $50!
-cool containers to hold art supplies
-a stool for my kitchen
-a wig
-the perfect pink tea cup
-a heart shaped glass snack dish to go with the other clubs, diamond and heart dishes that I bought at the only other yard sale I've been to this year. I was looking for the spade one but two hearts make up for no spades. Now four of us can play Texas Hold'em while eating nuts in style.

So much joy for a few bucks.

Everyone scored. Jesse was introduced to Beanie Babies, a long time favorite of Mindy's kids, for a dollar a piece and has been playing with his new creatures ever since.Gillen bought knives and swords and material for a quilt. He has wanted to make a quilt since reading The Boy and the Quilt years ago and has been reinspired by knowing he'll have Sophie as a teacher. Mindy and Sophie helped him to pick out the material.
There was much hat, wig and chain-mail wearing.I made Mindy model her new apron and hat:


kelli said...

oh my gosh, LOL, those wig pictures are a riot! Too funny! Did you guys know your boys were rockers? hee hee

Vicki said...

I can tell everyone was having a blast with those wigs! How fun!

Tell Jesse, I agree, Transformers was a surprisingly good movie! :)

Alecto said...

Wow. I had no idea there was any such thing. It seems absolutely inconceivable and I suspect I'd walk miles before I dropped or somebody forced me back to the car. I LOVE these things but of course I've only ever been to local flea markets (an acre or two at best) and garage or family tag sales.

Angie said...

There is nothing like a good garage sale. It makes you wonder why you ever buy anything new.

Thanks for the pics - I was wondering about the 'wig' purchase!

Love that Gillen is making a quilt - something I've wanted to try for years.

Sona said...

Ah, the 127 yard sale - goes right thru our town.

And that water park had to have been built by the same people who did ours. They look almost identical!

mindy said...

I love your pictures of our fabulous day!!!

I am so glad Jesse is lovin' his beanies.

By the way, the horse glasses that I got...they were mint julep glasses! After several very thorough cleanings, I LOVE them! Thanks for the nudge.

And Kelli, we found it impossible not to rock out with those wigs!!!