Friday, August 15, 2008

One Local Summer

Inspired by my cousin coming to dinner, I made gazpacho, I roasted potatoes and beets, and I fried up some okra, with local corn meal. My cousin, Lake, brought wine from a vineyard down the street (it was a super nice thought, but really not something we think we'll do regularly having tried it)and thankfully, we had locally produced Athens, GA Tarrapin beer too.I got lots of yellow tomatoes for the gazpacho as they are less acidic and I thought the color would be interesting. Mixed in with the red tomatoes from the kids' farm, the red peppers, red onions, garlic and cucumbers, when blended the soup turned a rich shade of orange.

I included a few farm shots to make up for the lack of Monday farm photos this week.

Watermelon:The intellectual farmer:The farm and the farmers are all tired. Pictures of the rows would be filled with weeds, the edges of some vegetables even singed from the sun. But there are lots of them and we are so grateful for the abundance.


Angie said...

The gazpacho sounds delicious - I'm going to have to try this.

Oh, the weeds....I hear you there -they never end:) I weeded one row today and was so overwhelmed, I gave up.

Danielle said...

Ahhhh, it's so good to hear these things (see, Angie, that's why I want to hear more about your farm stuff!). This time of year, I start to feel so defeated at times between the weeds, the pest pressure, trying to get fall stuff to germinate in the heat....

"Some" plant edges are burned? Gheesh, some of mine are looking downright crispy, and the next round isn't mature yet.

Stamina, endurance, I keep telling myself.

Sara said...

Good idea to try with yellow tomatos. Yum!

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