Friday, August 01, 2008

One Local Summer

This week I put up green beans and pesto.I used the kids' tomatoes to make salsa. Notice the sultry darker tomato? That is one of the heirlooms - Black Krim.
The salsa is just red onions from the farm, a mixture of different tomatoes and some cilantro (which was not local - mine died).
Below, Jesse is separating out the lipstick jalapenos from the others (all from his backyard farm) to sell them at the market.


Sandra Dodd said...


Do you have any Egyptian tree onions? They're fun and you can use the tops for things like salsa and cooking and I add them to pickled eggs. Send me your address and I'll send you some of the sets to plant! There are a bunch out there ready right now.

Madeline said...

Thanks Sandra. I had never heard of these but Nicolas has. We would love it! I'll email you my address.

Sona said...


Do you keep the salsa? Or is it make then eat?

Madeline said...

Sona, we ate it up all week. I have never frozen it, yet. I guess it would do fine in the freezer and I want to try. I am not a canner.

Alecto said...

Oh yum! I would not be able to keep that salsa either, it wouldn't make it two days in my household.