Wednesday, August 20, 2008


We are going to my father's (the week was going to be lost so had to be used) timeshare next week. The week after that, the kids and I stay in NC and go to the last Live and Learn Conference (at least, the last that is put up by Kelly Lovejoy). So we will be gone for two weeks.

Just like before our last big trip, six months ago, I am getting a head cold-sinus thing. Grrrr. As I did then, I hope to kill it with echinacea and homeopathy and coconut oil, and denial.

We are thinking we might have all of our conference projects ready by Sunday, which is amazing. Gillen has been making hemp bracelets, a few a day. Jesse, for about four months now, has been creating a card game, similar to Pokemom and Yu Gi Oh, that he plans to sell at the untrepreneurial fair. He has finished creating four decks and they are at the printers being copied and laminated, twice (so there will be two of each deck available to sell). Now he just has to make 40 power cards.

My projects keep multiplying. A few days ago, Jesse asked me to choreograph a dance for him to "Mama Mia" to do in the talent show. But everything I've come up with hasn't been met with much acceptance. So I am thinking it will be more of an improv.

I also planned to dye a bunch of yarn with koolaid to crochet multicolored wash cloths. The kids are eagerly supporting me in following through on this one. Apparently, they have never tried koolaid.

My favorite part of every day this week has resulted from a delivery that we came home to on Monday. I ordered Beyond the Heather Hills, the fourth book in Melissa Wiley's series about Laura Ingalls Wilder's great grandmother in Scotland, and the fourth book in her Martha Series. I found it, and a few others by Melissa Wiley, here. They are from her original Martha and Charlotte series (another version was published that was dummed down against the author's wishes). I read the whole Little House series out loud to the kids so now, I'm so happy to say, they want these read out loud. This is my nerdy idea of bliss - reading out loud about life in Scotland in the the late 1700s, while Jesse draws more power cards for his Trenno game and Gillen makes a bracelet. One cool aspect of reading this series is that Melissa Wiley is an unschooling mom! Also a good thing - the book is so well written. I look forward to finding the whole original version of these series about Laura's ancestors.


Alecto said...

With regard to your headcold, I find denial exceptionally effective. Right up until I have to get on a plane. sigh. I love that your kids don't know what koolaid is. I think mine do, it's just never been in the house.

jodi said...

oh you take care of yourself! Lots of lemon & honey tea. And have fun while away...hope you are inspired by what you see.

jfrancis said...

Aromatherapy in your home will rid
it of virus infections. eleven
years and counting. Lavender will
do it. there are others also.

Madeline said...

I beat it! Thanks for the ideas. I will use them next time. Aromatherapy is anti-viral? I love my lavender oil. That's great. We have done away with viruses with coconut oil.

mindy said...

I love the Van Morrison on your playlist! Happy packing and getting ready...I'm so glad you're felling better.

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