Friday, August 22, 2008


Back in March, Jesse decided that he wanted to make his own card game. He asked me to cut out cards from card stock and once in a while asked me how to spell something. He would put the cards away for weeks at a time and then suddenly make them every day. Every once in a while he'd ask for new colors of card stock.

About a month ago, Jesse thought of selling these cards at the Live and Learn Conference untrepreneurial fair. This gave him a deadline and he started working more quickly. As of today, the game is officially complete.

His game is called Treno. He has created four different decks of 35 cards each. They are called: Rainbow, Sea Serpent, Light and Earth. I picked one card from each deck to post here.
He came up with very clear and interesting directions (it's less complicated than yu gi oh, so even I might be able to play). He is decorating containers for the decks.

I hope he sells a few at the conference. They are pretty darn cool - not that I'm objective or anything.


kelli said...

That's awesome! Please tell Jesse I'm impressed!

A few years ago the girls were going to design their own deck of cards. They had fun for a while but it was really hard. They did a handful each, but not a whole deck.

Rachel said...

Wow, those look fantastic! I am really bummed we won't be able to see it in person. Is each deck an original art set, or did you make color copies of them and mount them? (This would be a good way to reproduce them so that more people could enjoy them!) If you have any sets left post conference (and if you only have three, there's just no way this is possible), we want one! I'll pay your packaging and shipping fee too. :)

mindy said...

I can't wait to see them in person!!! It is extraordinarily hard to create not only a whole deck, but actual instructions for game play. You go Jesse!

Sona said...

Very Nice! My daughter is always writing 'plays'.

jesse said...

I have the orignal copies so can make you one of any of the four decks, laminate it and send it to you when we get home. Which deck do you want? I will give you a deal of $8. Sea Serpent, Light, Earth or Rainbow?

Thankyou for buying one of my decks!

Rachel said...

Jesse, which one is your favorite? I want that one. (You don't have to post it here, as that would bias everyone, I know, hee hee!) And if you can't pick a favorite, which one do you recommend? Are the instructions the same for both games? I can't wait to see them! Your mom has my email account, and you can write me back there with more information and to work out payment/shipment. Yay!

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