Saturday, August 23, 2008

One Local Summer

I'm afraid that I am posting some pictures of the same meal as last week, hopefully better ones. We did have several local-only meals - eggs, gazpacho (this time spicy), and last night , it felt like fall, so I brought home an African Squash, onions and garlic for our favorite warm soup. I am bravely posting a picture of myself, holding this newest member (this season) of our farm vegetable family, because I think it shows how much I needed a bit of warm soup. And isn't it big? This just shows one third of it. I was on the phone with my mother in law who was giving me healing advice. Thanks Helen:Red and green mixed okra (it all turns green after cooking it):Roasted purple and yukon gold potatoes, onions, garlic, red peppers, Delicata squash and beets:
A close up of the small Delicata squash:We just can't get enough fried okra right now. A woman who is volunteering at the farm and is a former chef from Woodfire Grill in Atlanta gave me a hint about the okra. She said to soak it for an hour in buttermilk and then drain well. Coat it in corn meal (with a bit of flour) and with grits, to add more crunch. I can't say I did this the other night as I wanted to wait until I could buy the locally produced grits and buttermilk but I will definitely try it in the future.

Gazpacho:We'll be out of town for a few weeks. I hope that I'll be able to post some local meals from north Georgia and N.C., if we are able to create any local meals.


Angie said...

Okra is something I have never tried, but would like to - do you think I'll be able to find any up here in Yankee land?

Cute picture, but you might want to have that growth looked at on your shoulder:)

Thanks for your sweet comment about Maddie on my last post - and yes, the boys are becoming an issue:)

Have a great trip.

Alecto said...

Madeline, that squash is hilarious! It looks like you're burping a baby.

Tamar Orvell said...

It's good being back on your blog after a hiatus! What's the lovely painting in the ornate frame behind you guys (that is, you and the squash)? And your pix look great. Same ol' camera? Or new one? Details, I want details, please;-)

I recall when you took off last summer to the convention. Yikes, how the year flew by.

Missed seeing you when I was at the cattle farm two weekends ago!


mindy said...

Madeline, is that the squash from which the lovely soup was made? I have been dining every day on that soup, and finally finished it up today(Saturday)! Good Golly! It was delicious! Thanks much.

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