Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Boy friendship

Today, Gillen recruited his new friend David to help him shovel and spread compost.
Jesse and the Wilson brothers played lots of hide and seek, tag and their usual raiding game with swords and sticks - sorry, they call them "maces".

They do this for hours and rarely give each other a scratch. Last night, this brave six year old boy spent the night here, without his brothers. It was his first sleepover without them, ever. He really wanted it. It was challenging, in the dark, with so many new sounds and a new bed, but he went the distance.
Even with the constant physical play, the volume, the booger and butt talk, I really like hanging out with these boys.


claudia said...

I agree these are some great boys. Thank you for all the wonderful pics you take of my boys and thank you for climbing into that top bunk to give Evan somewhere to put his feet. You are an awesome friend and a great mother. You know I don't comment often so I need to say it all when I do. See you soon.

Madeline said...

Ah Claudia. He does have some really great feet. ; ) Hope your day with the newest boy in your family went well.