Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

The boys are back in town! We are so happy to have them home.

It was a good week. Jesse created a video game called "Sacred" and Gillen had a blast discovering the world of Crime Scene Investigation. I didn't rewrite a book or anything but that will come. I'm taking my time on the rewrite. I did de-clutter closets, photos and my mind!

Back to the joy of baseball in the backyard followed by pool relief.
Jesse is wearing his new baseball birthday gifts - a Blue Jays hat from Poppy and cleats from us.

This is one great papa. It will be challenging to show him just how much we love him. Gillen made him meusli this morning. They both made sweet cards. I got him some new headphones. We're going to see "Up" with him later. It's not a parade, like I'd like. But it's a start.


Clem said...

I am sure it must feel good to have them home! :)

I when to see "UP" with Remi, Julien, Dad and Mom. It was cute and funny! :D
I got a cook book for Dad for Fathers Day! now, we can have more barbeques (i do not know how to write that! sorry) in New York!

We miss you all so much! :D

Madeline said...

We loved it Clementine. That was a great gift idea for your dad. We miss you too!

Danielle said...

Tell Nicolas that I think he rocks, and that I'm trying his tomato trellising technique this year. I bit the bullet and bought the t-posts. Thank you Nicolas for being such an awesome mentor!

persephone said...

Happy Belated Father's Day Nicolas!!

Love Persephone and Chopper (super dad to be!)

Cam said...

I'm learning quickly that a pool in southern Georgia should not be considered a luxury, but a necessity! We should get tax credits to purchase them!! haha!