Friday, June 12, 2009

flowers, birds, and the bees

This morning at the farm, I got to spend some time making bouquets with the masters - Helen and Elizabeth. These red ones, in Elizabeth's hand, are called "Tassel" (maybe tassle, I'm not sure). They are my current favorite. I had to leave to pick up Gillen from his overnight camp, and then he came back with me to make a few more. He likes to work with flowers.

We missed him this week. He loved the camp. The best part? After he got all of his new friends' phone numbers and had gotten into our car, he said that he couldn't wait to hug Jesse hello. Sweet.

Back to the farm. Look at the beautiful bouquet that Helen made (many of them, in challengingly shaped ceramic bowls) for a wedding. She used the dill flowers as a base to hold up the other flowers. Genius.

Check out the garlic, when it goes to flower:Of course, a bee had to make an appearance, to remind me of what I should be doing (and have been, a bit, every day - rereading my bee book and being inspired again about bees, while counting on the rewriting inspiration to make an appearance next week). Here is the bird part of today's story:The Carolina Wrens have come back. Having found their outdoor annual nesting spot now turned into a snazzy room for the cat, they moved to our front porch and made themselves at home in a few bike helmets. So cool! We'll be able to see the babies much more easily.


gail said...

Love the flowers...and the birds...would love to see you!!

mindy said...

I love flowers and would love to spend some time with a few masters...I covet those beautiful arrangements every time we come by:)

kelli said...

Beautiful flowers and arrangements! And you get to see babies! yay! Please tell Jesse Happy Happy Birthday from us Traaseths!!

❁ Meadow Flower Farm ❁ said...

Wow those red tassel/tassle flowers are so beautiful! I would love to grow those!

Kimba said...

love the garlic flowers (we have a few in our yard) and am very jealous of the wren nests - due to cats, the birds in our yard nest in hard to find places ;)

Happy Birthday to Jesse