Tuesday, June 09, 2009

To Bee or Not to Bee

I'm really pushing the Hamlet word play this week.

A year ago, while the boys were in day camps, I wrote the first draft of a novel. It is called The O'Riley Bees and is 50,000 words long. I mentioned here that after six months of letting it sit, I read it to the kids and they liked it. I marked this month, in my mind, as the time when I would write the second draft.

This morning would have been the beginning of that endeavor.

Last night, instead of preparing, I used many words becoming more transparent here on my blog. This morning, I took yet more pictures of flowers at the farm and visited with the many workers (Nicolas has four additional helpers today, so I can't use farming as a way to get out of this).

Procrastination may clean my house or inspire a dance (I am alone after all), or too much blogging.

I like my protagonist - fifteen year old Finn. I like the girl he falls for, Bea. The Irish ghosts are fun. It's just hard to cozy up to the bees. You know?

It's time to go clean or something. I definitely need to walk away from this blog.


mindy said...

Walk away from the blog? Yeah, right! Hope to see those characters soon, first draft, second draft....can't wait:)

Sara said...

Not sure if I've mentioned this to you before, but my uncle has published a few books and writes a lot on his blog about options for publishing and gives advice about it. Might be worth checking out as the drafts take shape. http://www.markterrybooks.com/blog.html

Clem said...

i am sure everyone will love the story!!! i can't wait for the final book! :D

PS: the 1st draft was already so well written!!! :)

Madeline said...

Thanks for the info. Sara. I will definitely check out his blog.

Mindy, I just meant for the day. : ) Thanks for the encouragement guys. I'm doing it!

mindy said...

I know you just meant for the day...I still think it would be rather difficult for you :)After all, you are the blog goddess!