Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jesse is nine

In honor of Jesse's birthday, a game! It is in the spirit of his game, Creative Titles, in which everyone titles a picture and a judge gets to pick their favorite title.

So, here is the picture (just stay focused on what is in the plate):At least you don't have to eat it. ;)

Believe it or not, this is probably the hundredth cake I've made in my life. My concept may have gotten away from me.

Here was Jesse, on his birthday eve, at the end of their third performance that day of "Beauty Lou and the Beast". He is dreaming of the southern food he's about to eat at The Blue Willow Inn.
After a big southern "supper", Nicolas and Helen (who have been awake at this point since 4 am for the farmer's market) are dreaming of bed.
So is Jesse:
He is having a relaxing birthday today.


Molly said...

"The Impact of Global Warming on Igloos"

happy birthday jesse! avery's just two months behind you :)

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Jesse!

I think we have a few "lean cakes" in our family history.

Isabelle said...

"zi zi" : )

Clem said...

Happy Birthday Jesse!!!!!
You are so ... so ... so ... BIG NOW!!!!!! :D

We miss you all so much...! : )

gail said...

Happy Birthday to Jesse!

Madeline said...

I've passed along your messages. We ended up covering the cake in giant gum drops from Whole Foods that night. I wish I'd had my camera. So it looked even less like the baseball cap it was supposed to be. : ) I really like Molly's idea. Molly, you'd be good at Creative Titles.

Sara said...

That's the sweetest picture with his grandma!