Sunday, July 15, 2007

Friday farm photos

Vibrant zinnias
Grasshopper smile

And finally, two of the main reasons for all of the thriving life at the farm - irrigation, and Farmer Nicolas. He is working really long hours right now with very few days off, and he ended up talking for a full hour today at Harry's Farmer's Market about heirloom tomatoes, despite having gotten up at 4:30 am to go work at his farmer's market, in the rain. The life of a farmer is often just too challenging. I wish I were more durable and could switch places with him for awhile. But I have had to make peace with the fact that "green acres is the place for me" with a camera, not a hoe. I get dizzy every time I turn over to pick a vegetable - low blood pressure. I am not a fast picker or planter and Jesse can only do the farm part-time as well. I did farm regularly for a few years when we had no kids yet and I was younger. But I did theater at the same time to stay sane. I'll have to help him by earning some money another way - cooking value-added products, or farm tours, or proofreading (how do you get a proofreading job?) or writing a brilliant ode to the heirloom tomato, that inspires a rap song, that gets bought up by a horror movie producer looking to remake attack of the killer tomato (that was a movie right?), that gets an academy award... Anyone know how to get a job, from home, proofreading? I'm pretty good at proofreading.


littlepurplecow said...

I love grasshopper smile!

Bhu said...

your photos are beautiful!

Kaat said...

Proofreading: it is such mind-numbing work! I've done some, for Professors (in my own field, when I was still enthusiastic about it, and of books that I had to study anyway, but still it was boo-oring).

Why not write something yourself? The market for non-fiction (articles, books, online) is huge (and, with online, offers instant gratification - i.e., cash).

Aim high!

Madeline said...

Thanks guys! It's the camera. : )

Kaat, I can not get to your blog anymore. Where is it?!

I have considered writing articles. I'll start looking at that. Thanks.

Kaat said...

Hi Madeline,
I'm still there! (
It's your comments set-up: it only allows Blogger-users to leave a link to their address in their sing-off name. I do have a Google account, but no Blogger account...