Monday, July 02, 2007

My sister is coming!

My young (16 years younger than me), tall, beautiful, hip, goofy, brilliant, super-organized, married to a great guy, beautiful picture taking sister is coming from Montana!! And her husband is coming! She is so many things I am not (especially the tall and organized bit) but we also share many passions and beliefs. We both love photography. Years ago, when I quit acting, I wanted to be a photographer and was given a Nikon FG by my mother. I loved that camera. I still do, just don't want to pay for film. I am really sensitive to chemicals so at the time the dark room experience was challenging. I ended up directing theater instead.

Now, however, in the digital age, I am taking pictures like crazy but am frustrated by my camera. My sister has just bought herself a new one and is selling her Nikon D70! I won't pay less than the best price she can get but do have a lot set aside for this.

Whether I buy her camera or not, it will be so much fun to take pictures together. We have never before been passionate about this at the same time, in the same place. She can teach me so much, as she does about everything.

I'm off to the the kitchen for hours to cook macaroni and cheese, chicken stock (actually rooster stock) for still sick Nicolas, and gazpacho made with all of the new farm summer vegetables.


Stephanie said...

At the risk of sounding insincere because I am being vague and not specific.... I just really love your blog (writing style), Madeline.
I would make specific comments, but I've been offline for a bit (well, out of blogland) and I have much catching up to do.
Just wanted you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed these last three posts!

Love, Stephanie in SLC

Family of Four said...

I'm so jealous - a Nikon D70! Can't wait to see some pics. Love your blog, especially the soundtrack. I've been known to use your blog as background music. Molly in CA

Madeline said...

Thankyou so much Stephanie. I am really touched.

Molly, you can always listen to the playlist by clicking on the "launch standalone player" button on the player box at the bottom of the blog. Then it will sit on your desktop and you don't have to have my blog up to listen; not that you aren't welcome to hang out anytime. : < )

Amanda said...

I love your blog! YOur family sounds wonderful and so sweet, I just read all the posts on this page and everyone sounds so generous, kind and thoughtful, you are truly blessed! I long for this in my life!