Monday, July 23, 2007

Moon and Stars watermelon

It's a three-man job to hold this one.
See the moon and stars that give this variety its name?

This watermelon has an interesting story. It is an heirloom variety that was thought to be extinct but was rediscovered a few years ago and has been making a big comeback. The article below, from the San Francisco chronicle, admires it as an old-fashioned seed-spitting variety (I'm paraphrasing).

This is the company where we bought our seeds.

Here is some more cool information about its origin.


Marye said...

How do you like the moon and stars melon? I have gotten the seeds but never gotten a melon to maturity..the first time I tried our entire property flooded with an unusual rain ( moved the barn 6 ft to the left..I mean a FLOOD!) and then the next time I tried we had drought..and water restrictions. So I am curious if I should try again.

Madeline said...

"moved the barn 6 ft"

Wow! That's quite a flood. It sounds like the weather messed with your melons, in both cases. They are much easier to grow than the seedless varieties, for which we had to plant seedless and seed varieties near one another and cross-pollinate, following a list of instructions. Barring drought and flood, you should have an easy time of it.

Madeline said...

oh, you asked how we like it? We love it. Very sweet.