Saturday, July 07, 2007

Gillen's style

My sister, her husband, Gillen and I went to Borders on Tues. to get gifts for my father. Gillen brought his own money, just in case. He used some of it to buy a used game cube game (Tony Hawke) and also went to the childrens' section of Borders to look for more Little House books. He found Little House in the Big Woods, which we have already listened to on CD. I think his plan is to reread all of them to himself. The book came with a chain that has a small, Pa Ingalls fiddle on it. He put it on before we even left the bookstore. It broke before we left the store as well, but talented Matt (my BIL) fixed it for him when we got home, using fishing line as a needle to reconnect the tiny, cheap, "gold" links.

Gillen is very picky about his clothes and hairstyle and accessories. I have finally grown to appreciate this, especially when it has him proudly wearing a Pa Ingall's fiddle around his neck. The "shiny" shirts (polyester) that he used to love and the too-small old baseball hat haven't been as endearing, to me. But I've learned to keep it to myself.

I found him here yesterday, watching a bunch of miniscule ants carry a worm into their nest.

It's cool that his "cool" is muted by interests in nature and farming, and by Laura Ingall's Farm Boy.


julie said...

i love the way you SEE your children. :-)
P.S. have never heard of coconut records before, thanks!

kelli said...

Isn't it cool seeing our children's style develop? I LOVE it! Beautiful pictures of Gillen. I love action shots.