Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Jesse and the new Nikon

On a day when all I wanted to do was play with the new camera, Jesse was feeling like dressing up and being seen. Yes! An enthusiastic, cute model.

One of his ideas was that I should photograph him walking on water like the magician Chris Angel. So he jumped into his bathing suit, planned his strategy of how to be as light as a Basilisk lizard and I got all set up to take the picture. It wasn't as exciting as he had hoped so we moved on to the trampoline. I even took a picture of myself - well, my leg anyway - the shadow of it doing an attitude above the grass. I'll have to get better at the self-portrait thing. Maybe I'll include a face one day soon. And the most exciting shot was of a humingbird; actually many shots of two of them, taken from a few feet away! That was incredible, especially because Jesse was also a few feet away, noisily digging up the grass in order to bury a coat hanger (!?)
and Tuki was growling at a trapped squirrel that ultimately got away. Those hummingbirds must have been really thirsty.

Some of them are next door -----> in my new flickr window.


Christy said...

The hummingbird picture is awesome. We have 2 that come to our feeder but I haven't been successful at getting a picture of them yet. They come and go so quickly at our feeder. I've seen them stay longer at our people's feeders but at ours it is a hit and run type of thing. LOL

Madeline said...

It used to be that way here. I think part of it may be that they got more secure in the area they are in now and that we change the sugar water more often. I think the sugar water may have been going bad before. But I don't know for sure.

Family of Four said...

Beautiful bouncing bat wings.

julie said...

are you loving the camera, are you, are you?