Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The High and banana birthday cake

I just realized how the title of this post could be misconstrued... No, the sweet cake was not as a result of the High. It's all about photography and turning 29.

My sister and her husband were back for a few days on Sunday. That day, while the guys all chose to stay home, we went to the Annie Liebovitz exhibit at the High Museum of Art. It was fantastic. I loved being with someone who wanted to take as much time as I did looking at every picture. My three guys would have been through it in a matter of minutes, while we took almost two hours.

When we got home, dinner was ready (our first pesto of the season made with basil from the farm) and as soon as we had eaten, Gillen ran off to our 90 year old neighbor's house, giddy with a secret! We soon found out that he had looked up a recipe for banana bread in his Molly Katzen kid's cookbook, had made it all by himself and then had cooked it in our neighbor's oven -our's is still broken. My sister's birthday is later in the week but we won't be with her. I was so impressed by his thoughtfulness, and the cake was delicious.

We received so much from these two while they were here. Gillen and Jesse are sporting new hair cuts (Bhu was once an Aveda hair stylist). Gillen has a new appreciation of his goofyness and has greatly improved his frisbee throwing ability. Gillen has a plan (drawn up by artist Matt) for his emerging pheasant/quail/turkey raising business. Matt raked the gunk out of our old frog pond. Jesse has new yu gi oh cards. And then there's the fact that Bhu saved me from murdering my hard drive, advised me about my camera and of course GAVE me the camera.

Matt and Bhu had to leave for my father's tonight and will fly away tomorrow. They will be very missed.


Bhu said...

writing from akron... we are full to the point of sweet, tiny heartache after being with the four of you so many days--full of hummingbirds and photographs and conversations and present wrapping and trampolines and pancakes and banana bread and ratatouille. thank you for hosting us and feeding us and loving us up in beautiful georgia. we miss you already.

Madeline said...

Oh sister! It is sooo good to see you in here. I am loving the camera to distraction. I hope your work group is fun. Love you both!