Thursday, July 19, 2007

I'm a rockin' girl and I feel fine.

Cami, who it turns out has a truly rockin' blog herself nominated me for this rockin' girl award. So cool to be rockin', and not just be alone in my office dancing and singing loudly to Regina Spektor.

The other cool thing about this award was telling Nicolas. He was driving and on his cell phone, early this morning, when he called me to make sure I was awake and leaving the house to deliver an order to Atlanta for him.

"I got a rockin' girl blog award just now!"

Long pause.

"You got a rockin' bra award?"

I'm still laughing. Maybe it is so funny to me because of the not-rockin' nature of my bras right now. Getting a bra, without my boys with me, was one of the 32 things on my list to do this week. I didn't get to it - paid for their soccer instead during the time I had alloted to this errand.

I was nominated because of the farm. So I feel pressure to get posting about the vegetables. I'll get to them again soon. I promise. We're having a "moment" right now about the farm. As I write this, Nicolas is finishing the painstaking chore, for the twelfth year, of the paper work for certification. Actually, he has gotten used to the mounds of paper work. What is getting to him right now is that he has to pay for an inspector's eight-hour drive from FLA to inspect our farm. There are no longer GA inspectors. The inspector gets $10-12 an hour and .42/a mile. Not a bad job, if you're looking.

So, I get to nominate others now. I love to give recognition. But how to give all the awards I would like to give... I'll just give two.

One is to Julie Persons, who already has tons of recognition (just saw that there is a blog ring of people who love this blog!) but I can't resist - She has red hair, lives in Maine (one of the best places on earth), has a seven year old son named Jesse and is a writer/artist/photographer (my absolute favorite photos on the web)/ unschooler extroardinaire.

The other goes to Stephanie Roberts who is very different from Julie and equally inspiring. I love her writing and how smoothly she juggles a successful career with being a mom, artist and wife. A conversation with her last fall inspired me to look into blogging again.

Oh. Just one more. Diana Jenner - for her humor (watch the video there about why they love Scotty), her authenticity and because she is such a survivor. And all of that is on her blog.

Rock on all blogging women.


Danielle said...

Ahhh, well, I'm not a rockin' blogger, but the dog did eat my bra last night—
my ridiculously-expensive-Victoria'sSecret-
than-I-really-am bra. That was a bummer.

julie said...

oh thanks my dear, you made my day!

You should see me rocking out to Neil right now! (movin and groovin)

thanks, really! Julie

P.S. bet my bras are sadder than yours! Sometimes I think my tank tops do a better job and that is the sad truth.

Madeline said...

than-I-really-am bra." That is the bra that I was needing to buy! How inedible is that? Yuck. And man, that would be depression worthy to lose THAT bra.

Oh, Danielle! you are THE rockin' blogger who originally got me blogging and who inspires me at your blogs and your online magazine and at crunchy unschoolers. You are just so busy farming (for now) that I don't always see a new post. I am already hating this whole award thing. You get the rockin' Women award, I'll have to give it to you in person this sept.. But get yourself the push-up bra again. you deserve that NOW.

Madeline said...

Not the rockin' womEN award, btw. That was a typo. I mean THE rockin' woman award. Did I mention how much you helped me at always unschooled... I recognize your contribution to my life. I know, I'm getting a bit obnoxious, but it's so true. And I'm screaming it from the rafters!

Danielle said...


I hesitated bustin' you about that cuz I didn't want any hurt feelings. Just givin you a hard time is all.

And totally roflmao about the bra thing. Totally inedible, but he only broke the strap, which I can sew back on. When I finally found it—in his kennel!—Em was like, "Oh now, you mean he burst the water balloon?" Bwaaaa-haaa-haa! No honey, he just managed to break the strap.

Madeline said...

ROFLMAO here now!!

GBK Gwyneth said...

Hey Madeline - Good to see you at the bookstore tonight! Camille and I are settling in for a long night with Harry....

kelli said...

You DO rock Madeline :)

Madeline said...

And so do you Kelli! And Helen W. and Sara and Stephanie in SLC and Amanda Soule and Cathy Zielske and Vicki and Alli Edwards and polliwog and Gwyneth (who has a kids' radio station that I discovered for the first time at 1:30 am this morning!) and all the homesteaders and so on and so on and so on... I love this rockin' blogging world of women (and the ocassional great guy blogger) -a lot.

Stephanie said...

Long pause. "You got a rockin' bra award?"
Damn that's funny.
Oddly enough, I've been thinking of posting about by own bra situation - as I am currently feeling very wealthy, I have at this moment FOUR bras that are new, and fit well, and are comfortable!
I also thank you for the reminder of Julie's blog, I had forgotten that one, and it is a jewel!
an' thanks for the nice words...
Here's to great bras!