Saturday, April 21, 2007

10 Favorite Things

I just browsed through Keri Smith's blog and am feeling inspired. For one, she has a list of 100 things to do (to get you going artistically) and one is to list your ten favorite things not including people or animals. Other ideas from this list that I like: list the smells in your neighborhood; give away something you love; illustrate your grocery list; use post-its to make temporary art; tape art- postcards to the back of your cupboard doors so that you don' t lose sight of them but also don't grow deaf to them; and I love all the collage ideas.

Here's my list:

1) organic columbian coffee with cream, in the hand-made blue mug that Nicolas got for me (made by another farmer) for Christmas one year.

2) My perfectly seasoned cast iron pot that I got from an intern at the farm ten years ago. He had cooked such good meals in it for us himself. Chris had so few posessions that I was really moved by him giving me that pan. He also gave me some good recipes and was part of the inspiration to my caring about cooking well.

3) These three mexican mugs. They were my mother's. I love them so much that I chose my bathroom paint colors based on them. Gillen, Jesse and I drink lots of tea out of them.
4) Organic sheeets.

5) My mac. (now that we have DSL)

6) "This American Life" on NPR

7) The purple honeysuckle plant that Gillen and I got at a really cool nursery in the middle of nowhere on Wed. The purple star blossom at the beginning of this post is from this plant. I have never really cared this much about a plant (well, I do love the Gardenia that my friend Helen gave me on my 40th birthday). I end up killing so many of them. It is wierd that my mother, husband and son had/have such green thumbs and I so don't. But I am loving this plant and am honored to have it in Gillen's bird garden in our back yard.

8) funky shoes

9) Basic Grey brand scrapbooking supplies, especially their Urban Couture rub-ons and ribbons.

10) lobster (technically an animal but I am throwing it in here anyway). I only eat it if we're up north so that is very rarely. Lobster and really goood chocolate can send me into other realms. Lots of other foods come close but these are the best.

That was really fun, and hard. I didn't include so many things i love - my kids' art, JJill clothing, micro pens, BOOKS! (I really am addicted to reading ALL sorts of books), my digital camera (as small and simple as it is, still it's good to have digital), the Nessi paintings, my mother's antique desk that I am using right now, vintage sepia ink...MUSIC!! how to pick what music?... SO my mac and all the music on it in itunes covers that. I do have to say that my sister, who is 16 years younger thn I am and therefore way hipper, has introduced me to many of my favorites through her mixes she's made for me. Oh! and what about my perfectly worn in tiny blue sweatshirt with a hood that I got years ago at Old Navy?

I asked Jesse (Nicolas took Gillen birding) and other than Pokemon,Yu Gi Oh and Harry Potter books his list surprised me. He had things like "listening to French" and Egyptian pharoahs, and nature. Huh? Maybe just this moment in time. Cool.

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