Wednesday, October 03, 2007

For the want of a cord..

When Tamar was here on Sunday, she gave me the gift of a new browser on my computer and thereby changed my blogging life. I had asked Stephanie how she added videos to her blog. She and Tamar were mystified that I didn't have a video icon in the area where I create new posts. In fact, the only icon I had was one to upload photos. No spell check, no italics, no bold. All this had been very challenging for an English major who cares a lot about spelling and a woman who really enjoys emphasis. Tamar did some detective work and realized that it was because of my browser - Safari. Now, with my newly downloaded Firefox browser, not only do I have video, spelling and emphasis tools but my pictures are suddenly clearer and there are lots of extra tools popping up as I visit other sites. Thank you Tamar!

I now want to use my Mac's "imovie" software to edit the Survivor Man episodes that Gillen and Jesse made and then share a few minutes of them here. But after an hour of searching, I have surrendered to the fact I have lost the old video camera's computer cord. So, for the want of a cord I can't post video of Gillen eating a cricket. There are other things going on in our lives, but that video icon is calling to me and nothing else has a bit of significance. Any minute, I may be reduced to crudely bribing my children to get in the car and drive with me to Radio Shack, when I should be putting up pesto or sending my finished baby gifts to Australia. Hey! That is a mandatory excursion. Zoe is growing and could outgrow my gifts any day. We must go to the post office and we might as well take the long scenic route ;)

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mindy said...

I really want to see Gillen and Jesse's Survivor Man video!!! Good luck with the cord.
Btw...I just started my own blog. Dancing Chickens - check it out!