Tuesday, October 09, 2007

How to avoid falling in a hole

A hole in the trampoline became the source of pre-halloween, creepy fun for Jesse and friends.
I wonder if I can create a really big patch.

Six years was a pretty long life for a trampoline

shared by so many enthusiastic kids, not to mention the assorted props used for Cirque de Soleil, Pokemon and other play.


kelli said...

yeah, 6 years is a long life for a tramp! Ours is on its last leg and I think it's only been maybe 4.. I think the winters are hard on it, or wetness. Ours had snow on it this morning! Couldn't believe it!

kelli said...

hehe... tramp?? I just thought of how that sounded.. *g* oops ;)

Madeline said...

Snow?! We're in shorts here. wow. Thanks for confirming that "tramps" can give out quickly. Nicolas thinks it's just ours.

mindy said...

We're thinking of getting one this Christmas as our big family present. Good to know how long they last! And how much fun all the kids and friends have had on it.

AnneO said...

Our trampolines keep blowing away and ending up in the trees! That's what happens on top of our mountain...on Heathen Hill Road!

And P.S. ~ Jake is *thrilled* that you have The Weepies on your blog ~ he loves them (Maeve introduced him to them) and he and I do a KILLER version of *Chasing Cars* on our guitars...we'll have to play it for you next time. Or take a video of it!


Madeline said...

Mindy, we have loved our trampoline so much. It has sides on it as well.

Anne, how cool! Please do a video of it.

Blogging Molly said...

I love the picture of the leg under the trampoline.