Sunday, October 28, 2007

You can't always get what you want..

In my case, at the moment, that means not getting the autumn leaves of New England. So, as Stephen Stills says, instead you love the leaves you're with. ;)

New cucumber flowers and tendrils, in October!

Beautiful Italian Parsley

Tender new, buttery soft lettuces.

I wish that Gillen and Jesse wanted to dance, play an instrument or do theater. I wish that Gillen didn't want to wear his hair over his eyes. I wish that I were completely over Chronic Fatigue, for ever and ever and not just for months at a time. I wish that Nicolas would eat breakfast and play soccer on a team.

But, as Arnaud Desjardin said, you have to say yes to (be one with) what life puts in front of you before trying to change your reaction to it. And with non-reactive wisdom and patience, maybe my illness will abate, Gillen will grow tired of not being able to see and Nicolas will carve out time for more fun. As for the kids taking part in theater, music and dance - it's time I did more of this my own self!


helenw said...

Actually, wouldn't Mick say that if you try sometime you just might get the leaves you need? Lol ;-p

Madeline said...

Ach! I knew something felt off. Who sings "love the one you're with"? Did I mention the memory issue of CF? : )

gail said...

Really nice post Madeline! I just started a blog and am trying to figure out how to do the blog ring thing. We hope to figure out a way to get up to see you guy!


helenw said...

Crosby Stills Nash and Young I believe - but I wouldn't have remembered either except that after reading your post I can't get the RS song out of my head!

Alecto said...

What you have is really quite beautiful and I love that you see this. I also feel for what you miss and want. There's a New England shot on the Alecto Alone site. This was actually taken last weekend (if you can believe this) in Southern Vermont at the base of the Equinox road. I was standing under the tree looking up not believing there were actually still leaves, much less that it was peak.

Madeline said...

Gail, if you come back here, I can't find your blog or your email address through your profile.

mindy said...

You have the most awesome way of speaking to me through your posts. You hit home with this one and I love your writing. We can't WAIT to see you again!!!
Yeah...I get what I want...this time anyway!

Tamar Orvell said...

yes, love the leaf you're with. so when i am in israel, i love the cactus i'm with. practicing this motto makes me (and the ones around me) a LOT happier. but, it seems to me that north georgia ain't too shabby in the autumn leaves rave department (last time i checked).

Madeline said...

North GA is pretty good. But there is an intensity in what happens in New England that is incomparable. I'm looking forward to seeing the cacti on your blog when you are there.