Friday, October 05, 2007

Surviving without hitting the video icon

In the interest of having a rich and varied life, that isn't only about us all sitting at our screens all day (learning new exciting things though we may be...) I am stepping away from i Movie before it gets to that point when I can only do so kicking and screaming. Unlike the rest of my family I am a slow learner and this video editing, since I am so interested in it, could take a while. I'll save it for insomnia-filled nights and/or a day when I am completely unnecessary to anyone but me.

We had too many other cool things to do today:

-Gillen had flowers to pick for the market and roosters to chase into new housing.
-Pesto-making for the winter
-Getting to know our new cat "Fracas" better
-Making chocolate cupcakes for our 90 year old neighbor, Miss Grace; saving all the broken ones for us.
-Jumping over large lizards

-Taking pictures.

Gillen has the first of two games tomorrow at 8am. I really should go to bed reasonably early. I really shouldn't start playing with the Survivor Men videos. I really shouldn't. I truly won't.


Danielle said...

Gawd, there are those dang high tunnels again—ya'll are just teasing me now. ;)

Madeline said...

Enticing you, Danielle, enticing...