Monday, October 01, 2007

Facing me

Stephanie took this one of Nicolas and I yesterday. We had a wonderful day spent here and at the farm with she, her son and Tamar. She blogged about it so beautifully, seeing corners of my home in a poetic light that didn't get overshadowed by our home school clutter and cob webs. Her post made me appreciate our simplicity and how grounded we are. Stephanie's a good writer and an inspiring woman.
Blogging sisters - me, Stephanie and Tamar at the farm.

These last two were sent to me by a photographer who takes pictures at our farmers' market. I'm glad to have evidence that once in a while I am truly a farmer's wife.

These photo gifts of the past few days, coming all at once, have made me decide two things - to get more pictures of me up here(when they happen)to help tell the story; and to embrace growing older - but without so much dependence on the pony tail. I love the party in my hair, brought to me by Julie Persons, but it is only a party if you indulge in it sporadically, right? For day to day, I need a change. A cut maybe? I might pull out the hair iron and make-up more often. Any makeover ideas would be greatly appreciated. This vanity is inspired not only by pictures but by hearing, indirectly, the phrase "aging hippie" last week. Yikes.


Kimba said...

Lucy says you look kind of like me in your Farmer's Market photos ;) So maybe pink hair would give you quite a lift.

BTW Lucy also says you look beautiful.

another (aging) hippie according to others (when did I, a former goth, become a hippie?!)

Tamar Orvell said...

Aging hippie is what we called folks over thirty in my day (decades ago), living in Cambridge, MA. Since then, I have claimed that moniker with pride, and you can, too. It is about good things . . . among them community, sharing, learning/teaching, and working and forming alliances for what's right and fair.

When we met in real-time yesterday, it showed me how, ultimately, blogging/cyberspace/virtual worlds are, well, not replacements for a real visit, hug, laugh, Belgian waffles (yum), get-down-to-nitty-gritty discussions and questions, and even a demo on the blogging machine!

I encourage you to consider replacing your profile photo with one of the lovely images your friend sent you; the better to show off the light of your being!

Madeline said...

I agree with you about the real time visiting Tamar and am so glad that you two both live locally. I'm afraid that I don't like "aging hippie", no matter how it's defined, though your definition does ease the sting.

Kimba, I am considering pink!! I'm not willing to go the bleaching first path though. I am honored to be called beautiful by one so special. I love that girl.

Blogging Molly said...

I think you are just beautiful. I'm so glad to see more pictures, especially at the farmers market. Oh to be a farmer's wife. But I know about the pony tail. I'm way too dependent on rubber bands. I've been making some crochet headbands and will be posting the pattern soon. It's an easy accessory for simple girls like us.

Sara said...

Ponytails are my mainstay too. I try to keep my hair down as much as I can, but it's hard. But I wouldn't worry about it too much if I were you because the pictures look great! Fun to be captured in your element.

Madeline said...

Thanks, all of you fabulous women for the feedback. I have recovered and am over my self-indulgent sillyness. I'll definitely be crocheting a head band. That sounds cool. And i'll buy more Julie Persons hair ornaments. And one day, I'll just start cutting or dyeing. But I'm thankfully back to not worrying about it.

Danielle said...

OMG, Madeline!

You are one of the most beautiful women I know—that kind of breath-taking beauty that makes me wish I could look more like you and want to bask in your light as long as possible. Why is it that you can't see that when you look in the mirror?

No doubt my girls see it, too, and are even more vocal and fawning about it than I am. ;)

LOVE that photo of you and Nicolas!

Madeline said...

Danielle! That's how i see you! : )

It was the "aging hippie" thing - my style. I am truly over it. But thankyou. You and your girls are so wonderful (not that your guys aren't, just don't know them so well).

Damien Donck and my wife Stacy Donck said...

Noce photo's, you look great , I am finding out how to send up video to the blog. I have some of Henry . ILY DD

howiff said...

Your beauty shines so clearly. I love these pictures of you and your lovelies!!! More, more more!!!!
Aging Hippie....not a chance! Woodland Fairy... definitely!