Thursday, October 04, 2007

Lost in iMovie

We just got the kids' computer back from the repair store so there has been lots of excitement today over putting in an "Oregon Trail" game as well as other software that formerly didn't work. As the kids learned their new games, I learned about the movie software on my mac so that I could edit their "survivor man" videos into something short. Well, I started to learn. The possibilities are so cool, and too abundant and I will have to keep it simple or I will never come out of here to feed and care for my family. Eventually I'll get a few minutes of the survivor men movies up here. It's riveting stuff - one only survives on star fruit and a muscadine grape. We learn about old rocks,poisonous mushrooms,turtle shell patterns and how shaky the world can look when viewed through smoke. Many rocks are slung in the direction of wild animals, but only one cricket meets his demise.

I was reminded today, yet again, of how challenging it can be to learn something new when there are distractions, and the interruptions of a schedule (soccer practice). Hopefully I'll remember this feeling when I'm the kids' distraction.

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Tamar Orvell said...

Crazy about the updated profile photo showing the gorgeous real you! Now, to keep up my complaining . . . Would you enlarge it, increasing the dimensions before uploading it? The blogosphere needs to see more such beauty!