Friday, October 05, 2007

Survivor Man Jesse - take one

I had to push the video icon button, unedited video or not. I couldn't wait any longer. So this is probably not the best part of the 50-minute "Survivor Man" episode that Nicolas filmed of Jesse in the "Jamaican woods" at our farm. And the compression of the video to get it to upload here seems to have really messed with the quality. Any advice there?

Regardless of the outcome, I got to push the button. sigh. Now I can sleep.


Kaat said...

I love the way he walks away in the end, and his voice fades... It's kind of tragic.

Thanks for all the tips fro surviving in the wild, Jesse! I look forward to more.

Katrien at MamaStories

Alecto said...

OMG - that's precious! Sorry, I've been lurking here for months and not commenting. Not sure what to do about the film quality. From my PC perspective, it's actually not bad, there's just a bit of clouding on the periphery. Otherwise, he's crystal clear and just wonderful!

Madeline said...

kaat, it is kind of poignant, isn't it. i love that he is always talking, even when alone in a room, or walking away from us.

Alecto, thanks for de-lurking! I went to your blog and love it. I will be back!

mindy said...

ARGHH! My original post never made it...lost in cyber space. I loved Jesse's sweet voice and his last comments about it being time for bed and it was getting too late for hunting. Priceless!

Damien Donck and my wife Stacy Donck said...

Jesse, I like that you will take the food back for later. smart .

Have fun hunting next time.