Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Three birds (and some bees)

This is indeed a post that is child and unschooling friendly. We're talking chirping birds and buzzing bees.

I wrote a long post about the birds in question - a penguin. a Bachman's Sparrow and a House Wren. Soon into the first bird tale (a story about "Happy Feet" and happpiness), a MEGA bee, truly the mother of all giant buzzing creatures, starting buuzzing behind my head in the lamp, its buzz saw sounds scaring me and my lap top from the room...

I finished writing my long post, added pictures of our morning spent doing bird training with an ornithologist (youth birding competition coming up in a week, Gillen's favorite day of the year last year) and a picture of the baby wrens in a shoe box on our screened in porch... And the internet DSLconnection times out. No more pictures. No more post. Not even a draft. Aaaargh. It was a loooong post.

....About being the only three to show up at a screening of "Happy Feet' at the library last night because of the school kids going to bed to get ready for their state tests this week. About dancing to Earth Wind and Fire at said movie, in the library. About seeing the rare, even endangered Bachman's Sparrow this morning, with Todd - our genuine ornithologist mentor. And my lack of sleep (insomnia last night and a very full day) had actually inspired some fun writing - it can do that, don't you think?

Am I up to this disappointment? Am I capable of rewrites in the middle of the night? Think I'll sleep on it.
one more bee thought - Nicolas did catch the bee, in a giant yogurt container, and then released it outside. I thought it ought to be preserved in amber or something for the Smithsonian (and for the safety of all small creatures including my children). But Nicolas. despite having been bitten by a bee, in the face, just yesterday, while changing his new honey bees from one hive to another... Nicolas, who is having his first second-thoughts about farming, ever, this week... He released the monster. Proving once again that he is the better human. May his bees reward him with lots of honey.


the Goddess diana said...

Forgive me... I was reading along and then you said his name and created this HERO out of him... my first thought, "mmmmm, Nicolas..." :::bg::: Super Cool New Boyfriend went to Belgium over the xmas holidays, I told him all about my crush on your husband ;) They'll have a lot in common - including a deep abiding love for redheads ♥

Madeline said...

LOL! The best part of your admiration of his voice is that it runs in the face of my criticism (years ago, don't even notice it now) of his articulation. He slurred. I should have just been riding on the melodious tones, like you! Can't wait to hear more about your guy.