Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Love my mac but..

I can't seem to get pictures up here without moving them from iphoto to my desktop. And even then, it didn't work when trying to add a photo to my profile (and yes, I followed the eblogger help menu instructions). If I actually let people know I was blogging, some other mac user might be able to help me. Still, I love my mac. Inordinately!

I watched "Babel" with Nicolas last night instead of blogging. It is about miscommunication and confusion and the frustration and anger that result. I felt so frustrated watching it. There is a senseless gun incident in it. I am so in favor of more gun control. Why are kids able to get the guns? Even college kids? Yes, teh senseless violence is due to so much more, incidences like what happened at Virginia Tech yesterday. For one, our children aren't attached to adult mentors anymore, they are floundering and can't feel safe to be vulnerable so their anger takes over.... but if only it were harder for them to get the guns!

I reread the book. _Hold onto Your Kids, Why Parents Matter_ by Gordon Neufeld recently and I once again got so inspired.


Danielle said...

I have to move photos to my desktop, too. It's a pia. If you have any questions about dealing with the new version of blogger and the template, feel free to email. I've thrown myself at it for the past week now, so I've figured out a bunch of stuff. Well, Jim helped, too. ;)

Great to hear about you guys again!

Madeline said...

Thanks Danielle. I will email you later. I have a few things that I can't figure out from books or from the help menu.