Sunday, April 22, 2007

Gillen's gifts

Gillen was out at a camp-out until 11pm on Fri. night, had birding training at 8 am on Sat., one soccer game to play and two of Jesse's to watch and he went to bed last night with a fever. Yet he was able to wake up this morning offering to make us pancakes. He did it all! This is a ritual on Sun. morning but usually with papa's help. He did it alone today. They were so good, with strawberries from the farm on top.

I am also so grateful for Gillen's bird garden. He started it on his birthday last Aug. and contributed several new plants to it last Wed. Here are a few buds from the new plants. This one is called Indian Pink:

This is called Bleeding Heart:

I had more but am having mac technical difficulties... Also can't stand this blog's format but so far can't realign things... I read about Kerri Smith's "Wreck this Journal" and am ready to embrace lots of imperfectionism, for a while...

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