Friday, April 27, 2007


The kids farmed at home this morning, with their playmobil. Above is Gillen's "market" and below is Jesse's. In Jesse's, behind him to the left, the market vendor is lying down having a rest while he waits for customers. Wish our market was so comfortable.

I love that Gillen, at 9, is still so into creating imaginary worlds. He may not want to write stories or even tell them to me (as Jesse sometimes does) but he creates them with his legos or playmobil. There are moments, especially when it's been too long since the last unschooling conference, when Nicolas (and even I) feel an urge to create more structure, make sure we are getting them to do enough. But, for now, I am sticking with unschooling. Like the birds, I feel instinctively that it's right to stay near and help when needed (as in the lego territorial wars that erupted the other day), but not nudge them or-over direct them. I believe in this approach. I see how much they are both learning, every day.

But I am not always as graceful about it as the birds. Also, it would be nice if my squawk sounded like the sparrow rather than the magpie. Then their's might as well.

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