Saturday, April 28, 2007

Portraits of the Donck-Rains boys

This is from today with friends at a playground. So Leo. This makes me think of my brother, at age three announcing that he wanted to be chairman of the world when he grew up. Kenneth definitely sits on a fantastic throne, with a beautiful queen, in the land of Oz. I believe that Gillen, too, is destined to lead.

Jesse showing me his "moon things." He and Tuki and I took a walk on "the rock road" next to our house. Gillen was at the farm. Jesse talks non-stop all day long. Six has been so much fun. I am loving (almost) every minute of it.

But back to the walk, so I won't drone on about my wonderful children. It's a great walk. Before we return to our house we get to see an old cemetary, a delapidated old red barn (where we've spotted barn owl a few times) and lots of sticks, rocks and birds to excite my 6yo and dog. I grew up right in Boston, in Back Bay. For outdoor play I played four-square on the sidewalk or walked many blocks to the Public Gardens. I loved it but also missed the more open, free side of nature that I read about in books. It is so great now to have a country road right outside our door.

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