Monday, April 30, 2007

Thumb Wrestle with one less tooth

On Saturday, at Gillen's end-of-soccer-season party, Jesse fell off of a play structure and lost a front tooth. The one next to it was loosened and it will fall out any minute. They were baby teeth and they were a bit loose before this happened, so no big deal. Actually, he made out. Someone at the party mentioned that they "knew for a fact that the tooth fairy leaves $20 for knocked-out teeth". Jesse woke up for the bird competition at 5:30 am yesterday to $10 from the tooth fairy! I wonder if this next tooth will bring in so much. Not technically a knock-out anymore... We'll have to wait and see.

He looks so much younger than he did a few days ago.


Damien Donck said...

Thank you for your updates, I enjoy them very much. It's so nice to hear all about Life in the country. Love you all Damien, Stacy and Jr.

Madeline said...

Thanks Damien. It means a lot to have you guys reading. So when are you going to post your beautiful pictures on your blog? Call me if you have questions.