Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Art gallery

I am blogging at a coffee shop in Old Town Conyers - called this as opposed to the city of Conyers - overfilled, claustrophobic, bursting with the same fast-food and super stores as every other miracle mile in every part of the country. Old Town Conyers is quaint. It has beautiful old houses and it has a sweet alley of small businesses, where I am now, made up of brightly painted brick facades. Two colors on each building - vivid yellow and periwinkle blue next to a combination of fire red and summer orange, next to sea green with periwinkle as a trim this time.... It's beautiful. The kids are at their art class right across the street. I feel like my old city self doing this. Drinking a latte, in a big lilac mug, that was brewed and frothed FOR me. Sitting without kids in the middle of the day. I had been doing errands while they were in class. This is so much better. They play great music here. I just heard something that sounded like a sixties musical number but as done by Bjorg! I have to figure out what it is.

So here's to art class, which the kids love and which gives me a much cherished hour of my own thoughts. I also really appreciate the cool stuff they are drawing which is filling up the ledge I created for it all on our second floor. I happen to have a picture of it:

Gillen hasn't contributed anything new to the ledge in several weeks. According to his teacher he is recovering from having learned some hard shading . Mr. Morris is so layed back and encouraging. Gillen says he is working on a very difficult lake (and on getting to know one of the new guys in class). I do sometimes wonder if maybe Gillen didn't do more art before art class - when he used to only draw birds, so many of them and so unbelievably detailed. I miss his bird period. But he wants to be in this class, as does Jesse. And every artist moves through many stages! I'll just sip my Latte and appreciate the art of living in the moment.

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