Thursday, June 28, 2007


I just got up from the computer, shut off the lights in this room, left the room, turned on lights in the next room, and waited for a few minutes before returning here and slamming the door - all in the pursuit of getting a fly to follow the light to the next room and leave me alone!

I used to turn into "fly lady" with the kids - and I wasn't that benevolent cleaning lady who goes by that name either. I would turn in circles and allow for a few Incredible Hulk transformation twitches before the take-over would be complete. And then "Fly Lady" would wield her fly swatter(s) with a vengeance. She was not patient or compassionate like Mommy. She was homicidal, cranky and loud - in some kind of Spanish accent (so kind of funny). For a while the kids truly believed in this super woman, since she could kill flies a whole lot better than mommy.

I hadn't thought about her in a while.

I just heard the buzzing again while writing this. There. I slapped and successfully killed a mosquito! yes!

I hope to remember fly lady the next time I am bugged by anything. I won't necessarily pick up a fly swatter but maybe I will transform into a super hero who can kill the frustrations with a whacky accent. Or I will start singing songs from old musicals with my own lyrics thrown in, while dancing. I haven't done that in a while either. I know now why my mother used to suddenly talk in tongues. That sounds like "baaa ba baaaaa, be be ba ba " spoken musically, and with the intensity of a torch singer (think Edith Piaf) . I loved it. I think she was just saving herself from the boring, counterproductive glare, lecture or whine. Or, she was just a loon. If so, I have the same gene.


Jaffe said...
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diana-still-evolving said...

I like *your* fly lady way more than that other, too inspired about cleaning chick ;)

Danielle said...

I my god, that's *me*! I'm am an insane person when it comes to flies!

I was picking Japanese beetles the other day (I have to use the soap and water—I can't squeeze the adults) and noticed all the flies following me and the lovely odor the bottle was wafting. So, I put all the beetles I caught into a fly trap I have—two bugs for the price of one. Woohoo!

Oh, and you got me hooked on the song The Story; I'm making Jim order me the album from itunes tonight. *g*

Madeline said...

Danielle, I'm glad to have such a high caliber of loon in my fly-hating loony bin. Power to the fly-ladies!

Isn't Brandi Carlyle fanatastic! I am so glad that you like her and that you could hear the music. A few friends told me that they didn't hear anything or see the music player at the bottom of the blog.

Jenny said...

Me too! Ants, snakes, crickets, even mice are fine. But flies!!!! They make me crazy. I'm glad to hear I'm aligned with some of my favorite people.