Friday, June 08, 2007

A few photos


The squares I have crocheted so far for the funky Babette blanket I am making. Here , again, is the link to the one that inspired Helen (who now has her new blog up) , who then shared it with me.

If I had a better camera, I could show you these two images as they look in real life. Maybe I will go back to using my SLR film camera once in a while, like soulemama, so as to get that satisfaction of taking the picture I want to take. I am just frustrated that I had to use a flash on these cool yarn colors. The firefly moment actually felt a lot like the picture. I am glad to have a digital camera at all. Really.


helenw said...

Oh they're so cute! I can't post pictures of mine yet because it is a surprise for my sis.

Madeline said...

I have done abunch more now which is good but they don't look quite as compatible now that there are even more color combinations thrown in. I just keep rearranging. Where is your new blog? It's not opening.