Saturday, June 23, 2007

Today's projects

Gillen and his friend Aaron's jars of mint tea, steeping for the second day on the side porch. They harvested the mint from our neighbor and labeled the jars with their names. I guess Aaron is bringing the jars he's labeled home to his family. He brings Gillen cat fish he's caught. Gillen makes lots of cuttings of his plants for Aaron, or just digs up whole plants to give to him. They are very generous with each other.

Gillen's garden as seen through the screen of our side porch. I bought him a solar pump for his pond today. It was found and purchased in five minutes. This Ebay shopping could be dangerous.

My ongoing babette blanket squares. I have so much fun arranging and then rearranging them into different color and size combinations.

Jesse decided that Aaron should have a good Pokemon card and decided to bury it in the yard and then make a quick treasure map on parchment paper for Aaron to use to find this rare treasure. It took him half an hour to dig half an inch and place the multi enveloped card inside his small trench. Aaron acted very appreciative.

Another of Jesse's projects, inspired by watching Gillen work in his garden, was to transplant some "tall plants" (actually, some kind of leggy weed) from one part of the garden into another. Unfortunately, he picked a completely shaded spot under the grape arbor as their new location. But after all, they are weeds. They'll probably survive. They're very loved.

This was my favorite project of the day - watching our friends enjoy the pool.

Final project of the day - "flying" gently into the boys' room. Jesse lost yet another of his front teeth this morning. That fairy has to be punctual THIS time.

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Sara said...

Your blanket squares look great. Fun project. And yes, I definitely know who SouleMama is! Thanks.