Sunday, June 17, 2007

Jesse's party was super. ; ) Here he is in a tree with two of his favorite gifts, a balloon hat that he made with the balloon kit he got, and the unbelievably cool (I am in awe of people who sew well) pokemon bag that was made by Helen.

There were about 40 people there but it didn't feel like it at all - probably because some of those people (some of the sweetest) were under two feet tall. Jesse wanted all of these people there. He hand picked them. But when it comes down to it, he is somewhat of an introvert. He spent a lot of the day in his room with a few fellow Pokemon fans, playing Pokemon. When we all sang to him, I saw him really take in that he was surrounded by lots of smiling faces and he looked so humble and happy. Of course I don't have a picture but I think I'll remember that one.

A few families stayed until 9pm. It was great. All the kids played kick ball with Nicolas, swam, had a water balloon fight - I got soaked - and we picked up pizza (no delivery out here) so I didn't have to cook.

This morning, Gillen made fruit salad and pancakes for Nicolas for Father's Day and Nicolas got his wish of just sitting and reading outside, with Marley playing in the background and his boys calmly reading next to him. Gillen is reading "Farmer Boy" and is truly loving it. There is a book club about this book next month in Decatur. I'm so glad he has discovered the joy of reading

I hope you are having a good weekend too.

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