Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Harry and the Potters meet Avatar on the trampoline

Last night, I took Jesse to his first rock concert. It was "Harry and the Potters". They are two brothers from Boston who look like twins and transform themselves into Harrys. One is Harry year 4 and the other is Harry year 6. They were hugely energetic and loud. I feel a little bit guilty for compromising my 6 yo's young ear drums. But he loved it. They came out several times into the audience and sang right to the kids and teens.

So this morning I found Jesse on the trampoline, wearing the Harry Potter pajama bottoms we inherited and singing a Harry and the Potters song - "I am a Wizard" - while he practiced airbending with a large pole. I read about the animated series "Avatar" on Danielle's blog and knew my kids would love it. They do. We've been renting it from Netflix and I got them the computer game at the scholastic book fair. It's giving them another outlook on meditation, martial arts, the elements and Asian culture.

I was thinking this morning about what we watched and listened to as kids as compared to now. I was so into that David Carradine Kung Fu show, but also "The Brady Bunch". I loved musicals like "The Sound of Music" at Jesse's age.

Though I sometimes miss musicals (mine aren't as into them) they have much cooler media than I did, especially since we can cut out all commercials with TiVo and we have things like National Geographic and Animal Planet, instead of just "Wild Kingdom" on Sun nights. AND we have a trampoline on which to perform!

editor's note: Apparently not JUST air bending in these pictures; lots of earth bending going on as well.

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