Monday, June 04, 2007

Gillen's contributions to our yard

While he often sees our yard as a sanctuary being destroyed by evil squirrels, Gillen does pull himself above this negative view in his better moments and can be really productive there. His bird garden keeps growing. He now has 37 different plants in it. Some were found at the beaver pond at the farm, some were received as gifts from friends' gardens and others he bought. On Sat., he bought two new bird feeders and a (hopefully) squirrel proof pole for them. He also attached orange sections to the fence to attract orioles and he soaked raisins overnight and placed them in his garden on an upside down planter. I'm not sure what those are supposed to attract but I haven't even seen a squirrel go near them today. To the left is our former sand box, now the future home of the pond with waterfall that he will be finishing soon.

The sand is now in another part of our yard, under our badmitton net. Makes us feel like we're playing on the beach!

He moves his desk around the yard in order to draw flowers.

And the rest of the yard is reserved for soccer and baseball and some beautiful plants that were mostly planted by the previous owners. Oh, and then there is the squirrel "stand" (hunter's term for killing platform) that he built with the neighbor. Not that he gets to do any real killing.

There's the edge that keeps it all from being too sweet.
May the coyote urine make such images a thing of the past.


kelli said...

His bird sanctuary sounds awesome, very cool! We've been really loving our hummingbirds, they're so fun to watch. They sometimes play these hilarious chasing games for us. :)

(probably territorial stuff, but it looks like they're playing tag or something *g*)

Madeline said...

The hummingbirds aren't comin to our feeder yet. But the other new feeder is being swamped. I am so glad. Can't wait for the hummingbirds after your description.