Friday, June 15, 2007

Superhero week

Tues. was Jesse's first day of Wildlife Camp. This is a day camp that is held at a nature center down the street. Gillen and his cousins have gone to it the past few years. Jesse was finally old enough this year. Half an hour after dropping him off I got a phone call. Jesse had gotten sick! It turned into a two day fever and now it's a cold. He hadn't been sick for over a year - truly - and then it happens on the week he has camp (which he was so excited to finally go to) and his birthday. But he was heroic about it all - even about the tooth fairy coming on Tues. night for the tooth he lost on Mon. morning. You just can't get good fairies anymore.

Tomorrow is his birthday party. He asked for a super hero theme. I knew how to fulfill his previous requests for dinosaurs, reptiles, rain forest and Yu Gi Oh. This was a challenge. It's not like I have to create any activities. It's the cake I worry about. How to create a cool cake without dye and that fits the theme. hmmm. I am still pondering how to mae an omnitrix (superhero Ben Ten's super watch) on the chocolate cake, out of oreos. Did I mention that our oven broke this week? But my MIL, five min.away, has a new one. I'll be there making three cakes until the party begins.

Making lemonade for the party

Dancing to the superhero hits I put onto a CD for the treat bags. For Harry Potter fans, the Harry and the Potters song "Save Ginny Weasley From Dean Thomas" is truly good. Haven't seen Spiderman 3 but I discovered it has two good songs by the Flaming Lips in its soundtrack, .


julie said...

hope Jesse is feeling better and has a wonderful birthday party!
Hope you got your house cleaned without too much stress~
I am working on your tag now and will post it later today when I finish it. I will post it protected as a few things are private but I have added you to my protected list and so you can see it as long as you are signed into Xanga as barn raiser.

:-) Julie

julie said...


Danielle said...

Oh golly! I confess that the tooth fairy is a flighty, unreliable creature at our house, which I've tried to explain in various highly questionable ways. The girls rejected the notion that she tried to come but couldn't make her way through their room to the pillow, as she could simply fly over the mess. We've finally settled on the explanation that since they have no bedtime (and often fall asleep after Jim and I) she's very confused about when to come. When all else fails, blame it on conventional parenting. *eg*

Hey, did I mention that I have a confessional streak? ;)

Madeline said...

LOL! This wasn't the first time for me either. Last time, I used the excuse of the tooth not being visible. He has been very accomodating about the whole thing. Way more than I would have been.